Private Yoga Sessions


Want to delve deeper into your yoga practice?
Would you like to know how to start a yoga daily practice?
Do you have physical limitations that would need special attention?
Do you have a group of friends who would like to share a personalized yoga experience?
Private yoga is the root of traditional yoga practice, as you get to work out what your body and soul needs. Here is the opportunity to experience it

$60.00 for first person
$10 for each additional person
80 min sessions

Our teachers are Licensed and Certified Yoga instructor20140908_084647s
Yoga Movement Therapy


Is a private yoga, movement and massage session. Step onto the mat with Juli who will create a nurturing, healing session to make you feel more alive in your body.  Drawing from her lifetime experiences in athletics, yoga, dance/movement, Shiatsu (Japanese massage) and massage, Juli weaves a map to promote health, relieve chronic pain and reconnect to your true source.   You will come forth with a personal plan of how you can explore balanced living through a variety of healing arts.  Come to this session wearing loose, comfortable clothing to move in.  You will be on a padded mat on our heated floor.

woodstove3-00019-144x230Expect to be an active participant-this is not a passive massage!  You and your therapist will co-create your session based on your needs and comfort level.  You may experience guided yoga poses and stretches; Shiatsu (Japanese massage) stretches and meridian balancing; sports massage; movement repatterning; Feldenkreis movement therapy; chakra balancing.

$115.00 for 90 min session(includes plan for you to use at home)

“Amazing My experience was amazing! Everyone was nice and friendly and all the service were to die for! I will definitely be going back