Wellness Body Treatment



Submerge your senses and envelope your body with the invigorating and healing ritual of our body polishes. GARSHANA as it is known has been used in India for thousands of years as a way to detox through the skin, take in nutrients, and stimulate our Lymphatic system.  This intricate mix of elements enhances cell turnover, deeply hydrates skin, promotes cell oxygenation, and assists in removing debris and impurities leaving you feeling clean and smooth. A hot shower is included.

approximately 60 minutes: $65

HINT:We recommend not shaving for 24+hours before a scrub

Salt Scrub

Specially formulated homemade blend of oils & herbs will be combined with salts from the Dead Sea and simmered along with the healing properties of neem.

Sugar Scrub

Slightly less abrasive with a finer crystal, the sugar body polish is a nourishing blend of flower extracts and oils along with organic sugars that will leave your skin feeling fresh and exfoliated.riverrock-393x55

body scrub and 30 minute finishing massage: $100

body scrub and facial: $100

body scrub, facial, and 30 minute finishing massage: $150

body scrub, facial, 30 minute finishing massage, and body steam: $215

Peak to Peak

Spend the entire morning or afternoon with us slide2and find out why spa and body wellness services have been around since Roman times… we need this for REJUVENATION for our minds, bodies, and spirits.

  • Dead sea salt scrub
  • Dead Sea Mud Wrap
  • Heavenly Facial
  • Full body hour massage

3 Hours of Pleasure $275

I’ve had massages before, but never a full spa treatment. The Peak to Peak treatment was wonderful. Next time I stay in Estes, I’ll be back

The Sacred Bliss Package

Organic, live products that make your skin smile from the inside out deep from the jungles of Brazil

  • Organic  Sugar scrub
  • Mango Butter  Moisture body wrap
  • Heavenly Facial
  • Hot Rocks full body hour massage

3 Hours of Bliss: $275

Go Ahead…Get Muddy

Experience our Mud Wraps, carefully selected products from all over the world,painted on like a warm silky butter to release toxins and nourish our most receptive organ – our skin.  You are then cocooned in a plastic wrap and warm blankets as the healing properties of the mud penetrate deeply into your lymphatic system.  While in your cocoon, enjoy a craniosacral scalp massage.
Approximately 60 minutes: $85

5000 year old mud carefully painted on like warm butter and cocooned in warm blankets

Deeply hydrating creme based clay extracted from Provence, France for cell renewal

The Brazilian jungle beauty secret.  Lavishly enveloped in rich oils for deep hydration and cellular rejuvenation

All the beauty blessings the ocean has to bring, highly detoxing

It’s a body sugar scrub and a milk and honey scrub together–exfoliate and deeply hydrate with buttermilk and organic honey.

mud wrap and 30 minute finishing massage: $135

mud wrap, 30 minute finishing massage, and facial: $180

“Just had the Dead Sea mud wrap followed by hot-oil massage (melt me!) followed by ginger steam bath. Ooh la la, I feel marvelous. The world is a better place because of this spa.”



massage-oil-308x195Rocky Mountain High
– Only offered here –

Full body Dead Sea Salt Scrub followed by a Hot Oil Massage.  Chosen according to your dosha, these specially formulated oils liven your lymph system allowing vital energy or Prana to flow unimpeded.  Specialized movements awaken 107 Marma points (a matrix of energy points) to deep relaxation.
2 hours: $150
with a personal steam tent: $190

Bindi Beauty Experience

These exquisite treatments have been used on the most beautiful and powerful women in the world. Enter the realm of the Royal.. the Goddess.. the Divas.. who were bathed and treated and held with great regard. Beauty combinations used for centuries in the far East using wholesome and organic products carefully harvested and combined for your body type will leave you radiant, glowing with a deep sense of inner calm. When inner beauty enters the room everyone turns their heads and feels it. Experience our treatment and be.. Bindi beautiful…

approx 3 hours of being pampered like a goddess $255
Bindi Beauty plus full-body herbal steam tent: $285
Bindi Beauty plus Ginger Fomentation Steam tent: $295

Personal Steam TentsteamTent

Experience a body rejuvenation experience where your core body temperature is raised while your head and heart remain cool, herbally infused steam penetrates every cell to induce a deep sweat. Steamy Wonder™ treatments can be offered as a standalone modality or combined with other healing therapies such as massage, mud wraps moisture wraps  to provide a practical and enjoyable way to help clients remove these toxins from their bodies. Benefits of detoxification include weight loss, joint pain relief, decreased inflammation, increased circulation, alertness and energy, lustrous skin and eyes, enhanced immunity.
Steam treatment: $55
Salt scrub hot oil massage and steam: $210, also called the Rocky Mountain High w/steam

Ginger Fomentation Treatmentcrampbark-fomentation-2

The strong scent of ginger in the air takes our mind to faraway places & its effects on the body have been known for centuries.  We begin this aromatic journey with freshly grated organic ginger cooked in water, hot compresses soaked in this brew are applied to all major organs. The steam tents penetrating nature will assist the ginger to disperse stagnated yin substances such as mucus and fat accumulations relieving joint pain and increasing respiratory function. Ginger has the ability to strongly increase blood circulation and dilate blood vessels and body fluids at areas where stagnation exists. This stagnation usually manifests itself in the form of pain, inflammation, swelling, or stiffness. Because of the strong heat from the hot towels and the steam tent, your blood vessels will dilate, activating the movement of stagnated fluids, melting or softening mucus stagnation and fatty accumulations and breaking up mineral crystallizations. Strong heat has the further advantage of penetrating deeply into the body. Thus, a ginger compress can exert its influence deep inside the body, even within solid organs such as the kidneys and liver, or within the lungs.  As a result of this double effect, thick liquids in the body start to liquefy, heavy deposits start to dissolve, stagnated liquids begin to move again, and gradually all treated tissues become cleansed and nourished with fresh blood.


ear-candling11Ear Candling

An ancient Indian tradition brought back.  Remove wax, yeast, water and parisites while enhancing your hearing, clearing your sinuses and stimulating your lymph.