Maternity Massage



pregomassage-345x183While massage has many benefits for everyone, it is perhaps particularly beneficial during the accelerated intensity and physiological demands of pregnancy as well as the post-partum period.  The nurturing care offered during this time through human touch can be greatly beneficial both physically and emotionally. Elements of Touch offers several different maternity-oriented massages spa treatments, educational classes yoga and BABYMOON packages suited to meet your needs and desires.


  • Reduces stress/cortisol levels and stimulates serotonin
  • Increases musculoskeletal ease
  • Improves physiological functioning
  • Increases lymphatic flow, venous return, reduces enema, increases prolactin production
  • Postural improvement
  • Increases energy, sense of well-being, breath awareness, nurturing of mother

Maternity massage prices

One  hour massage…$85
1 ½ hour massage… $125

Mom’ease and Dad’ease Couples Massage
(1 hour)  $170 per couple

A relaxing and therapeutic massage shared in the same room! A great hour of relaxation for expecting parents!

Yummy Tummy

Treat yourself to a pregnancy massage, soothe those tired swollen feet, that aching back and that beautiful belly.



Gently scrubbed and lavishly painted with a secret 1000 year old Moroccan Rose Mud

90 min      $150