Fabulous Facials

Signature facials at Elements spa

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Mountain climate in Estes Park  is harsh on our skin, the wind the sun and elevation call for extra love and care .

Our facials at Elements of Touch Spa  include a deep cleanse, tone , ionic  steam and a choice of muds just right for your skin type,lymphatic facial massage , decollete and scalp massage , while your face is steaming  we will offer you a hand or foot massage

Our facials are done by our massage staff and do not include extractions.

*** little add ons    Collagen  face mask
Add this on to any facial for a deeply hydrating  treatment  …. $20

As a finish to the treatment, the mask replenishes moisture and collagen to eyes and facial skin 



beauty-facial-massage-216x301Purify your complexion with this deep cleansing treatment. The skin is relaxed and prepared for cleansing with warm aromatherapy compresses. Our signature Shea butter based Indonesian Ginger scrub mask is applied for a deep clean. An herbal facial steam  softens pores, enabling the cleansing French Green  Clay mask to absorb excess oil and lift debris to the surface with a fresh minty scent. Gentle hand and brush strokes stimulate lymph movement, bringing a harmonizing, decongestive impulse to the skin. Your skin feels fresh, clean and renewed. Facial massage and scalp massage to follow

40 min- $65

combine our facials with a full body massage and SAVE   $100 for the combo- includes a back scrub

I had a fabulous facial and massage experience which made me both physically and spiritually revived! Ravit is wonderful and so knowledgeable. Yoda, my dog, slept peacefully to the soothing music. Marvelous!


This facial is the same as the one above only using a different mud.  This deeply hydrating creme-based mud,

contains natural sun-dried rose clay extracted
from the Provence region of France.  Alpha-Hydroxy Lactic Acid, Wheat Amino Acids, Beta Glucan and Rose Centofolia are infused into the mud to accelerate cell renewal and moisturization. Perfect for more delicate skin.

40 min- $65

combine our facials with a full body massage and SAVE   $100 for the combo- includes a back scrub

It’s amazing how wonderful 45 minutes can be at Elements of Touch Wellness Spa! Great massage! I feel like I have been treated professionally and have truly been to a “Spa” in every way!

Rainforest Restoration Facial

This innovative powdered masque is formulated with beauty secrets cultivated in the Amazonian Rainforest. Delicate facial tissue is enriched with a cocktail of potent antioxidants and gentle skin conditioners as natural fruit acids dissolve the invisible web that allows expired cells to cling to the surface of the skin. The result is a radiant, renewed complexion that is better suited to battling everyday toxins and environmental stresses. facialsWe finish off this facial with wit this incredibly rich- yet impossibly light- body crème from Bella Luccè. Formulated with an array of indigenous Amazonian ingredients, it enriches the skin with a cocktail of potent antioxidants as nourishing oils lock in moisture and feed the skin a steady supply of critical nutrients. Formulated with acai, macadamia nut and passionfruit oils and certified organic cupuacu butter, it’s all you need for silky soft, beautifully smooth skin.

40 min- $65

combine our facials with a full body massage and SAVE   $100 for the combo- includes a back scrub

Tuscan Wine and Honey Facial

wine maskEscape to the rolling hills of the Mediterranean as you paint yourself from head-to-toe in this delectable body masque. This luxe spa treatment boasts an arsenal of potent age-fighters, including polyphenols, resveratrol and natural vitamins. Fortify your skin’s natural defenses as gentle clays draw toxins from deep within your tissue and golden olive oil locks in moisture. Remember all those classic Italian beauties? Now you know their secret: copious amounts of rich red wine, lashings of pure honey and a dash of over-the-top pampering. And that’s certainly a beauty secret worth discovering…

40 min- $65

combine our facials with a full body massage and SAVE   $100 for the combo- includes a back scrub

*add collagen full face  mask and 20 min longer treatment for  $20 more


Collagen Crystal Full Face Mask       ****** NEW******

This innovative transparent facial mask is composed mainly of pure natural collagen, extracts, and purified water that release whitening and collagen mask estes parkmoisturizing essences. Together with its unique texture composition and ingredients, it is also effective in tightening pores and replenishing lost collagen. It also gives the skin an immediate soft and moisturized appearance with elasticity.

The one-way absorption rate of this product is higher than 98% which means that the amount of nutrients and moisture it offers is 10 times more than that of ordinary facial masks. In only 10-20 minutes, the ingredients condensed on this crystal mask will gradually dissolve due to body temperature and will be absorbed directly into the skin cells, providing needed nutrients and moisture. During this process, the mask’s thickness shrinks from 2 mm to 1 mm.  Includes a facial cleanse, Indonesian ginger scrub mask, Crystal mask, facial steam and facial massage

1 HOUR-$80

combine our facial with a full body massage and SAVE   $150 for the combo- includes a back scrub-90  minutes

Main Benefits

Whitening – Helps:

– Optimize facial cell’s metabolism   – Speed up the elimination of melanin   – Inhibit the formation of skin pigment.

– Suppress the activeness of tyrosinase – Balance the distribution of melanocytes

– Improve skin conditions by reducing roughness, dullness, and paleness.

 Moisturizing – Helps:  – Replenish moisture – Enhance skin’s ability to hold moisture – Improve rough and dry conditions   – Give the skin an immediate soft and moisturized appearance with elasticity.

 Anti-Wrinkles – Helps: – Improve micro-circulation in the skin- Increase nutrients – Optimize skin’s metabolism.

– Prevent aging and wrinkles result from external pollution or lack of nutrients.


Elements Hair & Scalp Ritual


Our frangipani flower essence is submerged in coconut oil and applied to the roots and scalp followed by an invigorating scalp massage and an infusion of herbs poured over your hair and finally sweetly scented sambraani treatment smoked into your hair.  An ancient beauty  ritual for modern times and dry hair.

30 Min…$50




  • Facial
  • Elements Hair & Scalp Ritual

60 Min…$95

add a crystal collagen mask for $20 more

Bindi Beauty Experience


  • Full body salt scrub
  • Hot oil Ayurvedic massage
  • Facial
  • Elements Hair & scalp treatment

3 hours of being pampered like a goddess $260



“The spa and the retreat(rental upstairs) are truly wonderful, with fantastic views and sounds, to say nothing of the owner/ landlady!!!! The spa experience is 2nd to NONE and note that I started massage therapy at the SPA Hotel in Palm Springs Calif. in the 1970s. You will not find a retreat anywhere to match this one. Enjoy if you can get to Estes.”